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DTAB V1.04 Update Released
By Kevin Picone 20,Sep,2014

DTAB V1.04 Update Released

      The Dtab V1.04 continues to improve both the Drum Tab importing window / Drum Tab parser and DTAB scripting language that aids in remote tab downloading. These changes are really all locked together, as many of the importer improvements are by products of improvements to the DTAB script. Some of the new tweaks that come to mind would be right click menu ion the import window, better pre-processing of pages, more keywords parsed, more section names parsed through to things like remapping numeric tom lines to individual drum instruments.

Input Drum Tab Example:

   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +  
H |x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-|----------------|
T |----------------|1-2-3-4-5-6-----|
S |----o-------o---|----------------|
B |o-o-----o-o-----|----------------|

Exported Drum Tab:

    Song: [Untitled]
    Artist: [Unknown]
    Timing: 4/4
     Tempo: 120
      Date: 9/16/2014

         #1                 #2

    Hh:| x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- | ---------------- |
  Tom1:| ---------------- | o--------------- |
  Tom2:| ---------------- | --o------------- |
  Tom3:| ---------------- | ----o----------- |
  Tom4:| ---------------- | ------o--------- |
   SnD:| ----o-------o--- | ---------------- |
  FlT1:| ---------------- | --------o------- |
  FlT2:| ---------------- | ----------o----- |
   BD1:| o-o-----o-o----- | ---------------- |

The DTAB output is pretty standard drum tab wise, I don't really have a preference either way. In some songs Numeric toms lines would help compress the output text, but we basically lose what little Dynamic information drum tab gives us about how the note is played.      We highly recommend updating !


      Changes since the last major release. You can read the full Dtab V1.04 development blog here

     1.04 Beta4/10 8th Sep,2014 - 19th Sep,2014
* Added
Added a convert numeric Tom Note detection and remap pass to the importer This function will map a line like Toms:|1111222233334444| as 16th notes across the first 4 toms on the kit.
Added a "BPM" decoder so Importer to pick up the initial Tempo of the song
Added Domain import decoders for &
Added Domain import decoders for &

* Fixes
The Import TAB decoder wasn't removing the [DTAB] rule blocks from the tab which could cause the importer to query what these tags are during import process
Note Play Back could overflow the table if an unknown character was imported its now limited to 7bit
Importer decode Tempo and grabs the first number from the field is many are listed.

* Tweaked
Optd the rendering to avoid some string thrashing when rendering the tab view to the window
Final clean up

     1.04 Beta3 5th Aug,2014 - 7th Aug,2014
* Added
UNDO to right click menu in Import Tab
Tab downloader checks if lines have the expected chr(13)+Chr(10) line markers, if not it replaces them before importing into the text box

Added ASC() CHR() functions
result=Replace(HeyStack,Needle,NewNeedle) (Text version)
result=ReplaceB(HeyStack,Needle,NewNeedle) (Binary version)
Added TabCrawler decoder
added decoder

* Tweaked
The UNDO record functions ImportTab TextBox

     1.04 Beta2 28th,July,2014 - 4th Aug,2014
* Added
Find & Replace dialog to the Import Tab (TEXT) page
Updated the Version query
Updated the Not Saved Dialogs so they include the song name
Added BASIC HTML strip function to the right click in import TAB window.
Added basic CTRL-Z UNDO controls to the ImportTab TextBox

      1.04 Beta1 24th,July,2014 26th,July,2014
* Added
HTML TAB import includes screening and optional view as HTML now so if there's import script or then internal decoder cant find the tab, the user can just view it manually
Swapped the Assign / Cancel button on the remap staff line dialog
Removed the [] button from the remap staff line dialog
Popup right click menu to import tab window
Added CUT, COPY,PASTE,SELECT ALL & IMPORT functions to the right click in import TAB window.

* Fixes
Crash lines didn't have a ghost note mapping for playback
Crash lines only had accented not heads, both are now supported.
Fixed typo in downloader dialog when DTAB cant detect internet connection

      1.03e 15th,July,2014 / 23rd,July,2014
* Added
Added import basic decode script for
Flag to toggle bar compression when exporting tab as text
added extra cleaning to downloaded web pages that contain some international multi byte characters that could break the download -> import.
Tab view now renders as user inputs on the titles dialog
Note head mapping was missing accented doubles and flams on most sounds
Added RB (RIDE BELL) Staff line remapper to the default remapping.

      1.03d 11th,Dec,2012
* Fixes
Auto File name creation didnt screen out slashes, making the dialogs refuse to open if the band name had a slash in it. Such as AC/DC

Upgrading For Registered Users

      If you've already a registered DTAB user, simply download the new version and install it over your current install. If you're upgrading from a version older than Dtab V1.00, just be warned that DTAB V1.03c doesn't automatically use your old preferences. So you'll have enter your tabber name & registration information again.

A Decade of DTAB (GALLERY)

      Since DTAB has been around a long time, 10 years in fact. Making it the oldest automated Drum TAB editor on the PC, most likely any platform for that matter. To celebrate this, I've posted a bit of gallery on my facebook page.


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