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  Product:Pooyan - Arcade Game Remake

     Pooyan is a single player remake of classic 1980's arcade game. The players aim is to protect Pooyan from a collection of pesky bad guys, ranging from those ever-so-nasty fire breathing foxes, pesky spiders through to falling rocks. Who all want to knock Pooyan from his safety cage. Pooyan's no push over though and is packing some mean crossbow fire power, but you'll have to be fast on the mouse button to keep him safe.

      This remake is developed by Micky4Fun, who got the inspiration for it, from the original software's cover art. You see, back in the early 1980's games often had beautiful game play cover illustrations, that rarely looked anything like the actual game. So Mick decided to convert the illustrations into a playable game graphics and Pooyan is what he came up with.



      F1 = Help / Settings Menu
      ESC or Q = QUIT Game
      P = Pause and Continue GAME
      Mouse = Move Pooyan Up/Down
      Mouse Button = Fire

Techy Information:

     Game is runs in either 800 x 600 32bit full screen or windowed mode.

     Pooyan was developed in Playbasic and requires DirectX 3.0 > 9.1 or above. Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8users might need to install Direct X9 to play.

Pricing : FREE

      This free game was developed by software and is presented through our affiliate developer network. For more free games, we highly recommend exploring micky4fun's site.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95 > 98 > Me > XP > Vista > Windows 7 /8 & 10
Processor : Pentium Class 1 gig or Above
Video Card : 16meg Geforce 2 or higher
Direct X : 3.0 to 9.1
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )
Ram : 64 Mb
HD space : 9 mb


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