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      Our freelance programming services are geared towards short term projects, specifically targeting those needing custom libraries created (Source / binary). We also offer low level optimization services in a variety of languages.


  • Assembly (6502,6809,680x0, x86 dialects)
  • C/C++

  • PHP / JavaScript

  • Various BASIC dialects (Visual Basic 6, PlayBasic , DarkBasic, BlitzBasic )

Looking For Free Games or Free Source Code ?

      Be sure to download our various Free Games and development tools. Most of these games are in beta stage, so you can see how they progress over time. We are always interested in your feedback, about current projects or your own suggestions...
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Looking for customized developments ?

Promotional game, customized application to suits your business needs. All this is only some clicks ahead ! Don't hesitate to contact us for a detailed description of what services we can offer you !



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