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  Product:Vic Vision - Amiga Application To Convert C64 Images to Amiga IFF

     Vic Vision is a powerful but friendly GUI based package, designed to convert raw Commodore 64 graphic images into IFF format, upon the Amiga. It has been developed for 64 artists, demo / Game coders, nostalgia freaks etc. etc... Who are moving onto the Amiga and would also like to take some of their favorite artwork with them.

     Vic Vision supports many popular formats directly, such as FLI, AFLI, CFLI, Blazing Paddles, Koala, Raw Hardware Sprite Data, 8*8,8*16,16*16 fonts and many others, while also incorporating and flexible custom format editor, allowing users to add support for either their own custom formats or any other that we may have overlooked.

     Vic Vision Features:

     Includes Support for a wide variety of popular C64 formats.

Artist 64
Centauri Logo Editor
Image System
Blazing Paddles
Advanced Art Studio
Koala Paint
Raw Font Data,8x*8y, 8x*16y & 16x*16y
Raw Sprite Data, Multi Colour, hires & expanded X/Y

      Parameter Editor features

Multi, Hires toggle
Normal or FLI toggle
User definable, custom Bitmap Offset
User definable, custom Screen Map Offset
User definable, custom Colour Map Offset
Up to 8 of your own Custom preferences can be saved.

     General & New FeaturesVery user friendly, and includes a powerful graphical user interface

Able to 'ignore' or 'Include' the c64 LOAD ADDRESS information
Able to process any graphic's data contained within a single source file, meaning, pictures, fonts & sprite information can be processed.
Center converted image's (FLI only)
View last converted image

Pricing : N/A FREE

System Requirements:

System : All Classic Amiga's
Processor : 68000
Ram : 512 kb
HD space : 1 mb
Video: OCS/ECS Amigas


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