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  Product:Spac Attack - 2D Blaster Tech Demo

      In 1974 two university students Eric & Dave were doing part time research in a remote outback radio telescope. They'd been studying the effects of broadcasting three stooges re-runs upon alien life forms. Their dream was that if indeed aliens do exist, they could be brain washed into becoming a galaxy of slapstick comedians, for our amusement. If only they'd stuck to their flared pants, surf and turf and drive inn movies, we wouldn't be in this mess now...

      In 2002 their message was received by a small peaceful planet some 17.4 light years away, called the 'Spacanations'. A civilized and enlightened race of carefree beings, human like in appearance, well except, for the two extra heads and superfluous nipples. News spread of earths existence throughout their colony quickly, they were excited and wanted to see their new universal neighbours. A public broadcast followed, 9 hours of back to back three stooges episodes but they didn't know that... No more than 14 seconds had aired when a rage took hold of normally friendly population, they had never experienced such raw negative emotion, and were soon consumed with hatred. You see, In an Ironic twist of fate, their beloved leader and living god just happens to look like the love child of all three stooges, go figure?. Their not happy, and 24.76 seconds later, the first wave of bumbling attackers enters our galaxy..

     Luckily for us, being a race that has perfected the art of war over countless generations, we have the upper hand. So after careful threat analysis, (paper rock scissors, drawing straws ) our newly elected government 'WinTel World Inc' decides to hold a raffle for any willing pilots. The response is low, but YOU my friend, have drawn the shortest straw.

      So do as humans do, and bring them to their knees... Make us proud.....

     Main Features:

Over 50 levels of gruelling 2D combat action.
Awesome CD audio sound track.
Eye catching special effects. :)
Note: None! of these are actually done yet, and probably won't be :)

Pricing : FreeWARE

Note: We have discontinued development and user support for this product. Be aware that NO further updates are planned.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95/98/Me/Xp
Processor : P2 450 or Above
Ram : 32 Mb
HD space : 5 mb
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )
Video: Direct X 7.1 or Above
Video Memory: 4 Meg


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