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  Product:Shamus The Shadow Case - 3D Gauntlet / Shooter

      The World is under great danger : an Evil Techlord, called 'the SHADOW', is threatening the entire human race. Controlling an Ancient Mystical force, his goals are simple. Rule the world, destroy humanity, and be the king of his own cybernetic empire. But one man, the well-known Cyber Bounty Hunter SHAMUS, stands in his way.
With enough will to fight hords of evil Drones & Bots, Shamus mission is to get through SHADOW's base, find and terminate him.

Will you help SHAMUS on his dangerous mission ?

'For a DB game it's technically brilliant.. light mapped levels, fast lazer fire blasting around, big nicely animated models, etc (Dark Basic Software)

Pricing : FREE

     Please Note: Shamus was developed for a game (re)making competition. We started late, and as such, only had 15 days to build this game from scratch. This is the version we submitted. It's not perfect, but I hope it gives you a bit of fun. If you'd like to see this project expanded feel free to contact us.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 98 / Windows Me / WinXP / Win7 / Win8 & Win10 (DirectX7)
Processor : P3 450 or Above
Video Card: 32meg Geforce 2 or higher
Direct X: 7.1
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )
Ram : 64 Mb
HD space : 10 mb


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