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     Welcome to our collection of PlayBASIC source code examples. These source codes are to help PlayBASIC programmers kick start their game creation journey .

     PlayBASIC is games development language for Windows. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can order PlayBASIC from here

      Want More Examples?:

PlayBASIC Code Sources
PlayBASIC Resource Forums(source code/tutorials & media resources)

     Parsers and String Functions

Simple (tokenised) Math Formula Tutorial with example Code
High Scores (Example High score entry screen)

      Game Examples:

Thesius XIII - Forest Blast Pics: 1
Tracy's Platform Blaster Pics: 1, 2
Axis (1.9meg)
JetPak (2nd Place Retro Comp Entry)
AstroBreak (3rd Place Retro Comp Entry)
Street Figther Demo (2D Fighter Demo)
2D Platfomer In 3D World (2.5D Platformer)
Play Blaster (Shoot'em up Demo)
Shadow Of The Beast (Intro Demo)
Basic Asteroids (Shoot em up)
BLock Out (puzzler)
Clearance (puzzler)
Icy Hearts (puzzler)
Match'em (puzzler)
Missle Attack (missile command example) Pic: View
Sliding Block (puzzler)
Xenon Game Multi Camera Tech Demo (scrolling shooter)Pic: View

NOTE: These examples were last tested with PlayBasic V1.089

Release Type: linkware

      The source codes published here are released as linkware . If you use any of source code examples posted here (whole or in part), all we ask, is that you is that place a link back to on your site, or your products documentation. Thank you, We appreciate your support.

     Note: No Person or Company may Redistribute / Sell any file on this site, without explicit written permission.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
Processor : 500mhz or Above
HD space : 15 mb
System Ram : 16 Mb (32/64Mb recommended)
Video Ram : 8 Mb (16Mb or higher recommended)
Direct X: 3.0 or above
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )


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