V1.02 (15.0 meg)

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  Product:Never Dawn - 2D Platforming Fun

     This game is a Jump and run themed game. It has a short, tiny story, which should have been longer, but due to the lack of time, it has become sorta cut down version. shame on me. Its about a guy who's trapped in a world where he should collect coins to leave the levels and make its way to the next one. he needs also to collect three gems that give him the power to change and build / destroy this world. The "load custom map menu" will be unlocked if he collects all the gems. This brings us to the next feature of this game, the custom maps. If the player has finished the game story, he/she will be able to create his/ her own unique maps. it is even possible to create more themes and tilesets without changing a piece of code. Simply add a new folder in editor\Tiles\... , name it as you like it and create a new tileset. This also offers the possibility to release new themes as installable packages. even the maps can be exchanged on maybe a internet platform or forum or per mail, as they are only defined by one small single file.

the story progress will be recorded and saved, so you can continue after you have shut down the prog and restarted it. to cheat or reset the progress, change the numbers in the file editor\GUI\Story\progress.fdn . its a simple text file. the first number is for the levels, so 1-9 will let you play the selected level. the second number is for setting "load custom maps" on or off, 1 or 0.

there are still a few bugs or things to enhance, for example you can have only a certain amount of maybe 70 maps in your map folder... it does not crash because of this, but you can only open the first 70 maps, the other ones are not displayed in the selection window. you can also copy different files than *.ndm into the map folder, and the game shows them up as maps, but naturally crashes on opening them. the editor has a few bugs too, but thats just painting layers stuff, so i don't really mind about, it works mostly the way it sould. i know, perfection is different, but this game plus editor are my firtst ever finished projects, so, im happy! :)


     use the left and right directions keys to walk left and right, use space to jump. menu controlled by mouse, and esc keys to return to the last menupoint. game can be aborted by pressing esc, however, the inlevel progress is lost, you have to restart it, but not the whole story..


(Development versions)

Techy Information:

     Game is running in 800 x 600 32bit full screen exclusive mode.

     Pooyan was developed in Playbasic and requires DirectX 3.0 > 9.1 or above. Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8 users might need to install Direct X9 to play.

      Interested in making your own games ? We recommend reading For Foxes Sake work in progress thread on our forums. Which follows project from day one to release.

Pricing : FREE

      This original game was developed by Frozen Turtle, for the 2008 Heroes Quest PlayBASIC game making competition. You can find work in progress information about the project on our forums.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95 > 98 > Me > XP > Vista > Windows 7 > Windows 8 & Windows 10
Processor : Pentium Class 1 gig or Above
Video Card : 64 meg Geforce 2 or higher
Direct X : 3.0 to 9.1
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )
Ram : 64 Mb
HD space : 20 mb


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