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  Product:Meta Tools - Search Engine Keyword Desity tool

     Trying to get your web site noticed online, but can't get a decent search engine ranking ?. Meta Tools is an Award Winning Meta Tag optimizer designed for this purpose. It allows the site designer stream line their web pages maximizing each pages search engine ranking.

     What are Meta Tag Keywords?

      Meta Tags are a collection of hidden variables that help describe a page contents to search engines. They include information viewing attributes, special effects, through to the all important Meta Tag Keywords and document description. Search Engines refer to the keyword information when ranking pages. This is equated from Keyword Count, Keyword Density and combined your sites page rank (How many sites link you).

     How can Meta Tools help ?

      Meta Tools analyze your web pages Keyword Count, returning the Keyword Density automatically. This gives you a promotional advantage. Not only can you optimize your web pages easily, you can compare your results against your competition, and soon you'll be out ranking them..

     Main Features:

Automated Meta Tag Keyword & Key Phrase Count Analysis
Automated Meta Tag Keyword & Key Phrase Density Analysis
Word Count Analysis
Page Analysis can include Document Body / Page Title / Alt Tags
Simple Diagnosis Reports
In Built Html / Text Editor
Includes Saver to Save Documents with HTML removed
Custom Word Filtering (stop words) and fully editable Filter Word Dictionary
All popular Meta Tag are supported. Including Description, Keywords, Abstract, Robots, and many more.
All Meta Tags can be copied / loaded /saved, or completely removed from any page.
Simple One click operation.
Included Documentation contains useful tips / links / info on site design and an easy tutorial to improve your ranking in 5 easy steps.
Very user friendly, No Need to be a Search Engine EXPERT


Pricing : N/A

Please Note: We have discontinued development and user support this product.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95 > 98 > ME > XP > Vista & Windows 7
Processor : P2 300 or Above
Ram : 16 Mb
HD space : 1 mb


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