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  Product:Kyruss II - Tech Demo of Basic Styled AI Programming

      Kyruss II was to be a Robot Wars AI programming challenge game, Where programmers / groups can compete in Robot War styled battles. Unlike traditional games the Robots are not controlled by a player, they navigate and fight based purely on their programmed AI. Programmers produce these AI's (scripts) using Kyruss's advanced in built programming language called P-basic. Your script will completely control the behaviour of your robot, there is no human interaction. The goal is to survive the skirmish that ensues between you and your attackers. Good luck !

     What is this P-Basic Language ?:

      Kyruss AI's are developed in our own custom language called P-Basic. P-Basic is an advanced procedural BASIC compiler and virtual machine that is similar in command set / design to Dark Basic, Blitz Basic, Amos and various others. The language features various extended Data Types and a robust command set, making the development of the most complex AI's a cake walk. While still be very user friendly for new programmers also.

     P-basic supported data types, Integers, Float Point, Strings, Arrays (up to 10D) User Defined Types, Type arrays, User Defined functions, Global & constants.

     Kyruss II (P-Basic) Source Code Samples:

These samples show just how complex Kyruss P-basic language can be. These are certainly not a shiny example of what it can do, but they should give you and idea of how robust P-Basic was.

Sample #1
Sample #2
Sample #3

     Game Engine / World Environment:

      The demo provided above is basically showing the compiler and runtime engine framework,. where bellow the shots are from the initial mocks up of the game world. The first concept was that the game world would be maze based, allows us to skimp on the amount of geometry needed. But sadly as we started putting it all together, the viability of the project just rapidly fell away . It was an interesting project at the time and did indirectly end up spawning two other major projects, such as Visible Worlds and PlayBASIC.

Pricing : FreeWare

Note: We have discontinued development and user support for this product. Be aware that NO further updates are planned.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95 > 98 > Me > Xp > Vista & Windows 7
Processor : P2 450 or Above
Ram : 32 Mb
HD space : 1 mb
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )
Direct X: V3.0 Or Above
Video Card: 8 Meg (min)


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