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  Product:Kyruss - Virus Game Emulator

      The idea behind Kyruss was formed well over a decade ago. It came from a discussion with a fellow coding buddy 'Daniel Martin' while standing outside the Ballarat Amiga Users group. We were talking about the recent spree c64 and Amiga viruses. Then somehow that discussion turned into an idea about making a game for programmers, were the aim was to create a virus that could outlast, self replicate and kill any other viruses that were in the infected machines memory.. The last remaining and living virus wins!. Simple huh !

     Today this is not a new idea (code wars / robot wars) and I doubt it was then either, but it's certainly a very different project to undertake in Dark Basic. Kyruss consists of four main parts. At it's heart is the VCPU (Virtual CPU) Emulation, the VCPU is based loosely on the Motorola 680x0 cpu's, next we have a (simple) multi tasking kernel, Windows Emulation and finally a 2 pass Assembler.

      To clarify the above, The Kyruss system works along the same lines as any computer or console emulation. Meaning, It recreates that computer on your windows machine, just like the MAME (coin op's), WINUE/FELLOW (AMIGA emulator), or BLEEM (Sony Play station emulator). The main difference is that Kyruss is not a 'real' machine, it's a pretend one. So I only need to emulate the very core of a computer, so any unnecessary aspects like sound, disc interfaces and others are not present.

      At the moment this is more a Fully functionally TECH demo than a game, please feel free to try your hand at making or changing the provided example programs. You'll need to get at least a basic grasp of the vCPU'S commands if you'd like to develop your own Code Warrior for Kyruss competitions perhaps. Please Note: This is ALPHA software and obviously as it's quite a complex program, there are going to be BUGS or omissions within it. If you find something missing or have a suggestion, please email me your ideas !!.

      My objectives for this project was to first create a solid and robust environment that could safely maintain the code warrior arena, memory in other words. As time goes on, I become less sure about how to build this into a GAME, and even less sure about how wise it is being associated with "teaching" people to create memory resident viruses.

     Kyruss Applications CAN NOT harm your computer in anyway, if you are worried about possible infections from wanna be hackers, It is recommended that you ALWAYS download newer revisions of the KYRUSS core engine from US. This is a GAME for programmers nothing more, nothing less.

     Kyruss Features:

32bit VCPU (virtual Central Processing Unit Emulation)
Fully Protected Game Arena and Task Fault protection
Pre-emptive Multi Tasking
GUI Interface operation
68000 Source (styled) Assembler.
Full Documentation of the Kyruss Instruction Set

     Videos About Kyruss

Pricing : FreeWare

Note: We have discontinued development and user support for this product. Be aware that NO further updates are planned.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95/98/Me/Xp/Vista and Windows 7
Processor : P2 300or Above
Ram : 32 Mb
HD space : 1 mb
Sound : Not Required


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