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  Product:IFF Pro - Amiga 8 Bit IFF Image Conversion Tool

      IFF PRO is a freeware image conversion tool for windows. It's purpose is to convert various (previously unsupported) special Amiga Mode IFF images to Windows BITMAPS.

      While very simple in operation, What makes IFF PRO special is it's support for these Amiga specific IFF files formats. Including Half Bright, Dynamic Hires, HAM6, HAM8 and even Sliced Ham. (SHAM). Which have been ignored in existing windows Image processing software.

     Iff Pro Features:
* Conversion
Load / Export IFF To Bitmap
Export Images Palette To Text (hex)
Export RAW Image Chunky 8bit LUT to file
Export RAW image 32bit RGB (hi byte padded) to file

* Supported Formats:
IFF Images (OCS) (0-32 colours)
IFF Images (AGA) (0-255 colours)
IFF Ham 6 (4096 Colours)
IFF Ham8 ( 262144 (2^18) Colours)
IFF Half Bright (ocs + aga)
IFF Dynamic Hires (4096 colours, Split Scan lines)
IFF Slice/ Dynamic HAM6 (SHAM)

Release Type: linkware

      The source codes published here are released as linkware . If you use any of source code examples posted here (whole or in part), all we ask, is that you is that place a link back to on your site, or your products documentation. Thank you, We appreciate your support.

     Note: No Person or Company may Redistribute / Sell any file on this site, without explicit written permission.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95/98/Me/Xp/Vista & Windows 7
Processor : P2 300 or Above
Ram : 32 Mb
HD space : 1 mb


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