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  Product:Forest Quest - Graphical exploration game

     Imagine when a young child decides to wander of and play without parental control, they may soon fly away and find themselves lost in a strange forest searching for a way home ! - Can you help ?

     Forest Quest is 2D exploration game jam packed with great visuals and music designed for young childrens. Players select to play Forest Quest as either Dennis or Sadie, who's lost in very strange forest and needs our help to guide them home. To do this, the player needs to explore the forest meeting new characters and finding hidden items. Players progress through the game by working out how to best use the items they've collected. Each time an item is used correctly, a part of puzzle is solved. Players are then rewarded with either new items or new path ways to progress further through the game.

Game Play:

     Main hero can be moved using the keyboard arrow keys, or with mouse. If mouse cursor points at something, such as a hidden item or forest being - it turns into 'hand' cursor. The player can then use this item via clicking a right mouse button.

     Items can be added to the possession bar at the top of the screen, or display a box with a hint - what this forest creature wants to get. Choosing the proper item from possession bar and 'giving' it to the appropriate character, makes that character happy and completes a step in a gameplay. Which might be giving the player new items, or opening up a new path.

Techy Information:

     Game is running in 1024x768x24bit screen mode with 25 fps on most machines, except, may be really old ones.

     Forest Quest was developed in Playbasic and only requires DirectX 3.0 or above.

Pricing : FREE

      This free game was developed by software and is presented through our affiliate developer network. For more product information, we highly recommend exploring VESPA CRABRO's site.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95 > 98 > Me > XP > Vista & Windows 7
Processor : P3 450 or Above
Video Card: 16meg Geforce 2 or higher
Direct X : 3.0
Sound : SoundBlaster ( or compatible device )
Ram : 128 Meg
HD space : 300 meg


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