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  Product:File Collator - File Management

      File Collator is designed for people wishing to move similarly named files located within a folder into seperate folders/collections. It's operation is simple. The user selects a Source folder (the location of the your collection(s) of files. I.e. Download Path), a Destination folder (the location you wish to collate and move files that share similar names/file types into) and then finally you select what type of filtering you wish File Collator to use when matching these

     File collator has various inbuilt matching or filename filtering routines. Currently, you can group files Alphabetically, By File Type or By Numbered Filenames.


      This tool's purpose is to COPY, MOVE & DELETE files around your hard drive, so it's MISUSE by the user, could certainly be DAMAGING to your personal files and or your operating system files. Please Take Care !

     Main Features:

Match and Group Files Alphabetically
Match and Group Files By File Type
Match and Group Files That are in Numerical Sequences
Saves users Folder preferences for easy management of 'download ' folders.
Able To Set the Minimum Filter Match
Confirm All Deletes
Automatic Filename Bumping
Automatic Folder Name bumping
Optional Flag to Permanently Delete Files. (BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!)
Optional Flag to Move Deleted Files to Recycle Bin
Some Lame Doc's :)

Pricing : FreeWARE

     Note: We have discontinued development and user support for this product. Be aware that NO further updates are planned.

System Requirements:

System : Windows 95/98/Me
Processor : P2 300 or Above
Ram : 32 Mb
HD space : 1 mb
Sound : Not required
VB Runtimes: V6.0


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