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  Product:Amiga Source Codes - Free Amos & 68000 Assembly Source Code

      Welcome AMIGA fans, here's a small selection of Amiga Assembly and AMOS source codes. If there is still enough interest, we'll release more as time goes on. But for now, I hope you enjoy this small selection of demos/source codes on offer.

      NOTE: Most of the Assembly source code was written in ASMONE V1.02, but some have been updated to assemble in Phxass. The Amos code should generally work with both Amos and AmosPro. Also, you may require the PC version of unzip to open some of them.

     Amiga Source Codes 256k - A messy half complete intuition based object editor, focuses purely upon games & demos. Includes support for Imagine importation, Multi objects, Point and click Colouring/ Normal and Gouraud Shading. (Texture mapping is basically 1/2 added but not actually implemented. This release contains all source code (Amos for front end with Assembly rendering engine) relating to this project. You'll need the Jwindows extension for Amos to run this

Metal Combat Engine Demo.ZIP 206k - (68000 assembly Source Code, pictures, Running.exe. and Binary include Files. This is a very Fast filled 3D Engine Demo. It was going to be a Virtua Fighter clone for the a1200, but we couldn't make the objects then. It was written in 1995... )

Wizard Of War 93k - (68000 Assembly Source Code, to a small uncompleted port of the infamous C64 version of the classic Game 'Wizard of Wor' arcade)

PLLBC2P.LHA (V1.20) 363k - ( A powerful library of 68000 assembly chunky to planar routines, based on a lookup array idea, they work well on cpu's with a small instruction cache, perfect for 020 (& slow 030's) with fast ram.. Support various pixel widths, conversion types normal ( delta, null skip and delta null skip) and various display depths. )

AmosAGA_V0.09.LHA 34k - (An example Amos Source to show a way of adding AGA screens support to Amos, or Amos Pro programs, via programming the copper chip & AGA chipset directly. The source includes some simple library functions for drawing and colour setting, but it's mainly a learning Source Code.)

AmosAGA_V0.23.LHA 130k - ( This is a previously unreleased version that has many different / new features, some are working, some are NOT... try it out..)

JabberBlocky V1.06.LHA  69k - Is a useful game designers tool for the conversion of IFF pictures into Tile maps. Here's the Amos Source Code

Vertex HelperV1.01.LHA  59k - Is asimple tool with Amos source for the conversion of Vertex V2.0 ASC II 3d object's into source code.

Ami Survey 1996.LHA  394k - In 96 we conducted an online survey, here's the results and survey processor.

Hyper Cat ExportV0_02.LHA 69k - Converts the popular hyper cat binary database files into ASC II includes Amos Source Code

Super Texty Thing.Lha 84k - Converts IFF images to ASCII, a very cheesy program, but it works :)I Includes Amos Source Code.

DynaRip V1.14 (with Source) 69k - Converts dynamic colour palette information from Dynamic IFF's into data or source code.

Pricing : n/a FREE

System Requirements:

System : Amiga (os1.2 or above)
Language: Amos 1.2 / Amos Pro or ASMONE V1.02
Processor : 68000 / 68020 (or higher)
Ram : 1 Mb
HD space : 1 mb


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