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  Product:A.G.E. - Advanced Graphics Library For Amos AGA Amiga

      A.G.E. is a graphics engine for Amos / AmosPro developers on the Amiga platform. The library enables Amos programmer to perform various graphical effects supporting the Amiga AGA chipset.

      The project was originally active between 1997 -> 1999, with an 'as is' version being release around 2000. While functional, that version required a lot from the user. So the library was refreshed in 2012, cleaning up various bugs and making it lot more user friendly for Amos programmers.

      A.G.E originated out of an Amos demonstration I wrote back 1997, titled AmosAGA. Which showed how Amos programmers could use some AGA screen modes from within standard Amos Professional. While AGA support was possible, it wasn't terribly functional.

      A.G.E. was the logical step forward form the AmosAGA ideal. The concept was to built a replacement graphics library for use within AMOS or other high level languages. So the library is presented in the form of wrapper for AMOS users. Where the programmer includes the AGE procedures into their Amos project and then calls the AGE commands. The library includes a cross section of mainly game and demo related functions, ranging from AGA Screens, Copper, Blitter, Memory Management to various 2D & 3D Graphics operations.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have to Unzip this file on a PC.

     Library Overview:

* Screens:

Unlimited A.G.E screens
Open / Close user defined Planar, Interleaved or Chunky screens ( 8bit max i.e. 256 colours)
Copy Palettes
Set colours
Read Colours (24 / 12 bit)
Set Clip regions (define rendering screen coordinates for each screen)
AGA, & OCS modes are supported. (Ham it not internally supported)

* System:

Close / Restore system (system friendly OS shut down & restore functions)
Forbid / Permit Tasking
File Loading and Saving
Open / Show / Close Copper systems

* Memory:

Open / Close User Banks (unlimited number avail)
Get Bank Info
Copy To/From Banks

* IFF:

Supports Loading & Saving of up to 256 colour IFF images.
Read IFF info
IFF's can be loaded directly as Planar, Interleaved Or Chunky

* Font Support:

Load / Save Font
Print (output text onto screen)
Font Mask (change the output mask of font - PLANAR ONLY)
Change Font (select another font use)

* Image / Texture / Bob Support:

Open / Close Image system
Load Image (an image is a graphics file)
Define BOB  
Define Texture

* 2D Drawing Functions Include:

Plot & Plot Queue
Line & Line Queue
Draw Horizontal line strip
Read Pixel
Draw Box
Draw Filled Circle
Draw Gouraud Box
Render Filled Polygon (Triangles Only)
Render Gouraud Shaded Polygon (Triangles Only)
Render Linear Texture Mapped Polygons (Triangles Only)
Scroll region ( left / right / up / down )
Copy Screen
Clear Screen
C2p Screens (with or without chunky CLS)
Bob & Pob functions ( blitter or cpu objects are possible)
Scale Image
Scale strip
Gouraud Strip
Texture Map Horizontal Strip
Various Read / write Strip functions (i.e. p2c)

* 2D Block Map Engine:

Load / Save Block Gfx (planar screens only)
Render Block Array to screen

* 3D Engine Rendering System:

Open / Close 3D z buffer / object system (user defined, z depth and buffer sizes)
Add filled polygon/dot/line/box or circle to buffer
Render scene
Read Buffer status (check number of polygons, number of failed inserts etc)
No Z clipping is supported.

     More Information:

     You can read the AGE DEveloper Blog for command lists / source code examples and various videos and pictures.

Pricing : N/A FREE

System Requirements:

System : AGA Amiga
Processor : 68020 or above
Dev Environment: Amos V1.2 or Amos Pro
Sound : Not Required
Video: OCS / ECS or AGA
Ram : 2 Mb
HD space : 1 mb


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