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PlayBASIC2DLL Released
By Kevin Picone 3,june,2014
      Yes it's finally here! ...after more than few marathon nights the first fully fledged version of PlayBASIC2DLL is available to the community. PlayBASIC2DLL brings the power of native code to the PlayBASIC developer, all we can say is welcome back to the machine code age!

      This initial release has been discounted for the community down to $27.50 (US) from it's regular $49.99 US

What's PlayBASIC2DLL ?

      It's a companion tool to the PlayBASIC programming language. The tool converts PlayBASIC Source code into machine code DLL's. Allowing the programmer to fully harness the process of their computers cpu.

      The tool has been in development for the best part 8 months now so rather than me crudely attempt to paraphrase the blogs, I recommend you read the PlayBASIC2DLL blogs and check out some of the examples. ( 1,000,000 Vertex cube - Water Demo

Order Now:
      You can order the product through shareit who provide all major payment processing methods from credit card, paypal, cheque, money order and more.

      See Community Anouncement To Purchase PlayBASIC2DLL



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