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DTAB V1.03c Update Released
By Kevin Picone 26,Jun,2011

DTAB V1.03c Update Released

      The Dtab V1.03c upgrade is now available. Dtab V1.03c continues to improve the Drum Tab importing parser. The latest changes are the inclusion of 'Row Repeats". The import parser supports two conventions at this time, those being the "REPEAT" and "PLAY" convention. The parser expects these statements to be used at end of the row that's going to repeat. Following the statement, the parser expects to see a repeat multiplier either on directly following the tag or on the row bellow it. The parser supports the x, X and * multiplier conventions. There's a few other contentions in use that may need tweaking, but this will allow you import them with minimal effort.

      Some example rows with repeats in them,

                    |--- repeat x2 --|            
C  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
HH |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| repeat * 2
SN |----------------|------------o---|----------------|----------------|  
BD |o---o---o---o---|o---o---o-o-o---|o---o---o---o---|o---o---o---o---|

C |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
H |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxx---|  repeat 
S |----o-------o---|----o-------o---|----o-------o---|----o-------o-oo|	   *2 	
B |o-------o-------|o-------o-------|o-------o-------|o-------o-------|

C |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
H |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxx---|  play
S |----o-------o---|----o-------o---|----o-------o---|----o-------o-oo|	   2x 	
B |o-------o-------|o-------o-------|o-------o-------|o-------o-------|

     So we highly recommend updating !


      Changes since the last major release.

* Added
Note Hover is updated on Mouse click
Note Hover is updated on scroll wheel
Importer now supports REPEAT and PLAY row tags appended to the end of the bar. REPEAT row statements are treated as "repeat row X more times". PLAY row statements are treated as "play row X times in total".
Row repeats support three multipliers X, x and * with the number of repeat count can be on either side of the multiplier.
Added extra staff line remappers to the default set of remappers bd: maps to bass drum, sn: maps to snare, hh: maps to hihat.

* Fixes
Import parser was dropping the last character from cut'n pasted links into the importer text.
Improved the check for update timer, it was bit dodgy when projecting the next query date. It's set to check at about 1 month intervals.

Upgrading For Registered Users

      If you've already a registered DTAB user, simply download the new version and install it over your current install. If you're upgrading from a version older than Dtab V1.00, just be warned that DTAB V1.03c doesn't automatically use your old preferences. So you'll have enter your tabber name & registration information again.

A Decade of DTAB (GALLERY)

      Since DTAB has been around a long time, 10 years in fact. Making it the oldest automated Drum TAB editor on the PC, most likely any platform for that matter. To celebrate this, I've posted a bit of gallery on my facebook page.


Download Update:

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