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Converting AMOS and AMOS PRO BASIC to PlayBASIC
By Kevin Picone 14,May,2013
      Programming has enough little annoying problems as it is, let alone trying to move source code around between languages. Bizarrely the problem hasn't really improved that much since when I started programming back in 1982, at least then there was a good reason, like.. you know... assembly :) - Today, there's lots of conversion tools for main stream languages, but with so many languages out there, lots of legacy source code just ends up sitting around doing nothing.

      Now we don't know about other programmers, but we always try to keep our legacy source codes in one big retro collection. The oldest stuff dates back to the mid 90's (don't really have any of our 8bit stuff ).. The code from the 90's is mostly a mixture AMOS and 68k Assembly from the Amiga days. The assembly isn't much use, but a lot of the legacy BASIC code can be. The trouble with languages like Amos, is that source code files are tokenized, so you either need to run the AMOS under emulation, or find a conversion tool.

      Amos To PlayBASIC is a source code and media conversion tool that will parse Amos & AmosPro source codes and not only convert them to text, but it performs a host of handy PlayBASIC logic / expression / variable & array level translations to the output code. Newly translated programs are unlikely to execute out of the box, since the translator doesn't understand every possible Amos & Amospro command or function, but it's much easier to get your program running in PlayBASIC on windows.


           * Supports Amos and Amos Pro source codes
           * Supports encrypted Amos and Amos Pro source codes
           * Supports User definable command sets.
           * Converts Sprite Banks to Windows Bitmaps
           * Converts Compressed Pictures to windows bitmaps
           * Converts 8bit IFF Samples to 8bit Wav
           * Exports Music Bank (Doesn't convert these)
           * Exports Data Banks (Code etc)

     More Amos To PlayBASIC Conversion Tool (WIP/Downloads) -


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